Other Benefits

Healthy Living Incentive Program

The Healthy Living Incentive program is about helping you and your family lead healthier lives. NV Energy offers employees a financial benefit for those who maintain good health practices. Learn more about this program by selecting the link that represents your group below.

Local 396
Local 1245

Employee Assistance Program

This program is a confidential service for employees and family members who are experiencing life challenges. This may include, but is not limited to, family matters, depression, stress management, financial and legal issues, grief, bereavement and substance abuse.

You and your family members can receive up to three face-to-face counseling sessions every six months at no cost. If additional counseling is needed, you and your provider can transition your care so it’s covered under your medical plan.
-Support is available 24/7 at 888-327-4315 or guidanceresources.com (Web ID: NVEnergy).

Voya Life Insurance

During Annual Enrollment, you can increase supplemental life insurance by one level, up to the guaranteed issue amount, on yourself and your spouse without providing proof of good health. The guaranteed issue amount is $300,000 for an employee and $50,000 for a spouse. If you are enrolling for the first time during Annual Enrollment, coverage amounts are subject to medical underwriting.

  • One level of employee supplemental life insurance = an increase of ½ times your annual base pay
  • One level of spouse life insurance = an increase of $10,000

During Annual Enrollment, employees can purchase child life insurance in the amount of $5,000 or $10,000.

Tuition Assistance

Employees are eligible to participate after completing six months of continuous employment. NV Energy may pay 100% of tuition and most mandatory, non-refundable fees for full-time and part-time employees. Annual limits apply. Eligible educational programs may include associate, bachelor and master degree programs as well as nationally recognized professional licensing and certification programs.

MyConsult® Online Medical Second Opinion Program

This program is sponsored by the Cleveland Clinic, one of the top hospitals in the country. This benefit can help confirm your diagnosis and recommended treatment plan, and can offer further education and perhaps just peace of mind. This unique service connects you to the expertise of top Cleveland Clinic specialists, saving you the time and expense of travel. Their physician experts review your individual situation, answer your questions and provide you with a confidential online report. For more information, visit myconsult2020.com.

Pet Insurance (MetLife) for Non-Represented Employees

You have access to convenient and affordable plans to help you give your pet the best care possible. From wellness coverage for vaccinations and flea control to medical coverage for accidents and illnesses, MetLife offers a variety of plans to fit your needs and your budget. For more information, visit petfirst.com.

Auto & Home Insurance for Non-Represented Employees

MetLife Auto & Home’s group insurance program is available to you as a voluntary benefit. As part of the program, you have access to unique savings on auto and home insurance, as well as a variety of other insurance policies including: coverage for boats, motorcycles, precious belongings and more. Plus, you could receive special group discounts. For more information, visit Identity.metlife.com.

MetLife Legal Plan Services for Non-Represented Employees

If you enroll in the MetLife Legal Plan, you and your eligible dependents are entitled to receive certain personal legal services. Services include real estate matters, personal injury, family law, document preparation, debt matters, and much more. Even if you are currently enrolled, you will need to re-enroll for 2022.

Visit the MetLife Legal Plan website at Members.legalplans.com and click “Members Login,” or call MetLife Legal Plan’s Client Service Center at 800-821-6400. Be prepared to give your Social Security number or membership number.

Note: If you enroll for MetLife Legal Plan services, you must remain in the plan for one calendar year and cannot make changes until the next Annual Enrollment period.

Identity Theft Recovery Program for Non-Represented Employees

As the number one crime in the United States, identity theft is a very real threat. AllState will identify fraudulent activity through identity, credit and social monitoring programs. To enroll, log on to www.myaip.com/nvenergy and follow the prompts. Once enrolled, you can activate (for free) additional service enhancements.

A Little Peace of Mind: Hospital Indemnity Plan for Non-Represented Employees

The Hospital Indemnity Plan (HIP) offers supplemental coverage to offset out-of-pocket expenses related to hospital inpatient stays. Offered through Aetna, it pays cash directly to you for hospitalization costs. You can enroll during Annual Enrollment. The plan does have a pre-existing condition clause. For coverage levels and premiums, see your enrollment worksheet. For more information, call 800-571-4015. Even if you are currently enrolled, you will need to re-enroll for 2022.

Short-Term Disability (STD)

STD benefits may pay all or a portion of your salary if you are temporarily unable to work due to injury or illness that is not job-related. Upon approval, your coverage is as follows:

  • Non-Represented: Benefits begin after you are unable to work for five (5) business days. You must use PTO during the five-day waiting period, if any is available; otherwise, the waiting period is unpaid. Upon completion of the waiting period, STD pays 100% for the first eight (8) weeks and 80% for the remaining eighteen (18) weeks. After the first eight weeks of STD, employees may use PTO to supplement STD pay to 100%.
  • Local 1245: Benefits begin after you are unable to work for forty (40) hours. You must use PTO, frozen sick leave, or frozen vacation during the waiting period, before taking the waiting period unpaid. STD pays 100% for the first four (4) weeks and 80% for the remaining twenty-two (22) weeks. You may supplement the remaining twenty-two weeks of STD with available PTO, frozen sick leave, or frozen vacation time.
  • Local 396: STD benefits begin after you are unable to work for three (3) business days. You must use PTO or frozen sick leave during the waiting period; otherwise, the waiting period is unpaid. Eligible employees are entitled to receive STD payments based on the below schedule of benefits:
Length of Service Maximum Period of Benefits Percent of Base Earnings
6 months* 13 weeks 55
5 years 26 weeks 60
10 years 52 weeks 65
15 years 60 weeks 70
20 years 65 weeks 75

*Employees in this category may be granted up to thirteen (13) additional weeks of leave without pay for continued disability.

Long-Term Disability (Optional Coverage for Local 396)

Employees represented by Local 396 must review, select and purchase their long-term disability (LTD) coverage each year. If you have not enrolled in LTD coverage, you can do it during Annual Enrollment. This program is available to provide you with continuing income if your disability lasts for an extended period of time. It pays you 60% of your annual base pay tax-free until you reach age 65, retire or are no longer disabled. Special rules apply to participants over age 62 when they become disabled. Review your LTD Certificate Booklet for more details, or call the NV Energy Benefits Department at 888-643-4338.

The plan does not pay benefits for a disability that is caused, or contributed to, by a pre-existing condition, if the disability starts within the first 12 months after your coverage goes into effect.