2022 Open Enrollment – Non-represented Employees


Non-Represented Employees

Following is important information specifically for non-represented NV Energy employees.

What’s Changing for 2022?

Here’s a quick overview of the changes for 2022. Keep reading to learn more about your options, the tools and resources available to help you make the right choices, and the steps to enroll or make changes to your coverage for 2022.

Benefit Changes for 2022
Health Savings Account (HSA) Contribution Limits The “employee only” HSA annual contribution limit is increasing from $3,600 to $3,650; family is increasing from $7,200 to $7,300. This is the total combined limit from both employee and NV Energy’s HSA contributions.
Health Care Flexible Spending Account (FSA) The Healthcare Flexible Spending Account annual contribution will remain at $2,750.

Compare Coverage and Out-of-Pocket Costs

  Copay Plan HSA Plan
NV Energy’s Contribution to the Fund/Account None Employee only: $500
Employee + spouse, child(ren) or family: $1,000
  In-Network Out-of-Network* In-Network Out-of-Network*
Annual Deductible
(includes prescription drugs)
  • Employee only
(also individual deductible for HRA Plan)
None $3,000 $1,500 $3,000
  • Employee + spouse
$6,000 $3,000 $6,000
  • Employee + child(ren)
$6,000 $3,000 $6,000
  • Employee + family
$6,000 $3,000 $6,000
Annual Out-of-Pocket Maximum
(includes prescription drugs)
  • Employee only
(also individual out-of-pocket maximum for HRA Plan)
$3,500 $6,000 $3,500 $6,000
  • Employee + spouse
$6,850 $12,000 $6,850 $12,000
  • Employee + child(ren)
$6,850 $12,000 $6,850 $12,000
  • Employee + family
$6,850 $12,000 $6,850 $12,000
Lifetime Maximum Unlimited
Coinsurance amounts the plan pays after you meet the annual deductible:
Physician Charges
(office visits, inpatient, outpatient)
$35 60% 80% 60%
Specialist Charges
(office visits, inpatient, outpatient)
$70 60% 80% 60%
Preventive Care
(well-child and well-adult care)
$0 60% 100%, no
Inpatient Hospitalization
(physician, maternity and newborn)
$1,000/day 60% 80% 60%
Urgent Care $70 60% 80% 60%
Emergency Room** $700 $700 (not subject to deductible) 80% 80%
Mental Health Care & Substance Abuse treatment (Inpatient/Outpatient) Inpatient: Hospital 100% after $1,000/day copay; residential treatment facility is covered at 100%
Outpatient: $35 copay
60% 80% 60%
Lab, X-ray and Complex Imaging
(MRA/MRS/MRI, CAT scan, PET scan)
Standard $50
Advanced $350
60% 80% 60%
Allergy Testing, Treatment and Injections Subject to office visit copay 60% 80% 60%
Chiropractic Care
(limited to 20 visits per calendar year)
$40 60% 80% 60%
Durable Medical Equipment $50 60% 80% 60%
Prescription Drug
(mandatory generic; deductible applies; out-of-pocket maximum the same as medical; no out-of-network coverage)
After deductible, plan pays:
Preventive: 100%***
Generic: $10
Preferred brand-name: $75
Non-preferred: $250
Mail order: 2x retail for 90-day supply
None After deductible, plan pays:
Preventive: 100%
Generic: 80%
Preferred brand-name: 70%
Non-preferred: 60%
Mail order: 2x retail for 90-day supply

*Benefits for out-of-network services are based on reasonable and customary charges. You may be billed for any charges above that amount.

**Non-emergency use of the ER is not covered.

***For preferred and non-preferred brand-name drugs on the preventive medications list, the deductible is waived and the plan pays the same coinsurance as shown.

How to Enroll

Step 1: To start your enrollment you must first log into the NV Energy network. (Note: You must be within the firewall/within our network to login and gain access.) Then access ERP from the myNVE home page by clicking on Favorites as shown below.

Step 2: Log into PeopleSoft ERP using your NV Energy ID and password.

Step 3: Locate “System Announcements” in the top right corner of the page. Click the first “click here” link and follow the instructions to clear the cache. After clearing the cache, click the second “click here” link to access the enrollment process.

From the Employee Self Service page, click anywhere on the “Open Enrollment” tile. Note: If the “Employee Self Service” page does not appear, click the dropdown as shown below and select “Employee Self Service”.

Need Help? If you need assistance confirming your network ID and/or password, please contact the IT service desks at:
North – 4.3700
South – 2.5066


Call the NV Energy Benefits Department at 888-643-4338. You will be connected to a benefits representative who will assist you with the enrollment process.

Online enrollment ends Friday, October 29 at 11:59 pm Pacific Time.